What makes Announcement stand out?

Discover how Announcement is set to transform customer engagement and streamline notifications.

Instant Delivery

Unlike emails and texts lost in spam, Announcement ensures your messages are seen. Delivered right to end-users’ UltiMate app, your announcements can't be missed.

Measurable Impact

Announcement provides acknowledgment metrics for assured visibility. This insight helps enhance engagement through informed decisions.

Versatile Channels

End-users not using UltiMate still get Announcement via email or text - tailored to your preference. This versatility ensures that no one is left out due to technological limitations or preferences.

Selected Targeting

Announcement allows for targeted communication: send updates like outage alerts only to affected users, avoiding unnecessary alarms and enhancing message relevance and efficacy.

User Responses

Announcement lets users respond directly. This could be a simple acknowledgment, a request for further information, or feedback on the issue at hand.

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