Transforming time tracking for MSPs

Track every billable hour with precision from every touchpoint, ensuring logs are accurate and mirror the actual work performed, upholding transparency and accountability in billing.

Activity Billing Hours

Welcome to the new way of managing timesheets!

Automated Time Tracking

Streamline timesheet management by auto-logging work hours across tickets and tasks accurately, eliminating manual timesheet entries.

Automatic Reminders

Receive automated alerts for timesheet submissions to reduce delays, improving productivity and adherence to deadlines.

Customer Mapping

Advanced tracking that associates time entries with specific customers, enabling accurate billing per customer.

Accurate Billable & Non-billable Hours

Utilize a robust system that effortlessly differentiates between billable and non-billable hours, ensuring accurate customer invoicing.

Defined Approval Process

Establish a clear workflow for timesheet submissions and reviews, with the ability for managers to comment on rejected timesheets with reason.

Instant Notifications

Never miss an update on timesheet activities, from submission to approval, minimizing manual checks.

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