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Introducing Announcement: Instant Messaging for MSPs now with DeskDay

In the MSP space, where every second counts, the speed and clarity of your time-sensitive announcements can determine the success of your relationship with customers. That’s exactly what Announcement by DeskDay promises to revolutionize. As an innovative solution for instant broadcasts, Announcement is set to transform how you deliver urgent updates and announcements to your customer users. 

Here’s why you should be as excited as we are!

For MSPs, the capacity to rapidly disseminate information during critical incidents is not just about maintaining service levels—it’s about fostering trust. Announcement, with its direct broadcasting capability, empowers MSPs to build that trust by ensuring no message goes unnoticed.

Imagine this: An unexpected outage occurs, and your support line is inundated with calls from confused end-users. Panic sets in. In these moments, swift communication is not just preferred; it’s critical. This is where Announcement enters the scene, offering a seamless way to broadcast time-sensitive outage updates to affected end-users. It’s transparency and efficiency wrapped up in one neat package.

What Makes Announcement by DeskDay Stand Out?

Instant Delivery: Unlike emails and text messages that can get buried under a mountain of spam, Announcement ensures your message hits the mark, delivered straight to end-users’ IT Connect app.

Versatile Channels: For those users who are yet to embrace IT Connect, Announcement doesn’t leave them out. It extends its reach to their inboxes too (both email and text, which you can customize).

Measurable Impact: Just as critical as the message itself is the confirmation that it’s been seen. Announcement provides acknowledgment metrics, giving you peace of mind that your broadcasts have been noticed. 

Selected Targeting: With Announcement, MSPs can choose to address a broad customer base or narrow the focus to specific customer users based on the relevance of the Announcement. 

For example, if a security patch applies only to a set of customer users, Announcement ensures that only those affected are alerted, avoiding unnecessary alarms for others.

User Responses (coming soon): For a more interactive approach, Announcement can facilitate user responses. This could be a simple acknowledgment of receipt, a request for further information, or feedback on the issue at hand. 

Announcement in Action: A Closer Look at Real-Time Scenarios

Let’s talk about some common real-life scenarios where Announcement can be put into action. 

1. Outage Management: Imagine you’re facing a sudden network outage. With Announcement, you can swiftly broadcast an alert through IT Connect, our end-user application, preempting a flood of customer inquiries. By detailing the nature of the outage and expected resolution time, MSPs can alleviate end-user concerns and manage the situation proactively.

2. Security Alerts: Consider a scenario where a security breach is detected. Time is of the essence, and Announcement serves as the rapid response system. Users receive immediate notifications with steps to secure their systems, transforming potential chaos into controlled remediation.

3. System Upgrades: When a new software update is ready to roll out, Announcement helps you inform your end-users about the upcoming changes. This real-time announcement can include a brief description of the update, benefits, and any required user actions, ensuring a smooth transition and adoption.

Transformative Impact of Announcement on MSPs

Enhanced Customer Experience: By delivering instant, targeted announcements, MSPs can provide an improved experience, making end-users feel valued and well-informed.

Reduced Support Tickets: Real-time announcements can significantly decrease the volume of tickets and calls, allowing support teams to focus on resolving the issue at hand.

Improved Operational Efficiency: With the ability to schedule announcements or save drafts, MSPs can manage their communication workflow more effectively, ensuring that no critical update is ever missed.

Your First Announcement Awaits

There’s a first time for everything, and your first Announcement could redefine how you engage with your customer users. With a user-friendly interface and a straightforward process, you’re set to elevate your communication strategy. 

Are You Ready to Announcement?

It’s time to step up and deliver your messages with the speed and precision they deserve. Get ready, set up your first Announcement, and watch as it changes the game for your business.

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