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Conversational Ticketing
Deliver chat-first support from the Service Desk

Speed up ticket resolution by turning every service desk ticket from IT-Connect (Mobile app, System app, and Microsoft Teams app) and e-mail to direct chat for your tech to get their job done faster and smarter.

chat based Project Management
A better way of managing Projects

Bring together real-time collaboration, milestone planning, task tracking, and invoicing into a smooth flow, keeping teams tight-knit and projects on track.

Intelligent Quality Assurance
Smartly plug your service delivery issues

Smart, automated, and on the lookout. Our QA system eliminates manual ticket checks for missing notes, work hours, SLAs, feedback, and more in tickets and projects, making the life of your help desk manager easier.

Keep customers always in the loop!

Keep your end-user updated without any spam. Use multi-channel alerts to keep your users in the loop about outages and maintenance, cutting down on headaches keeping surprises at bay.

Billing made as easy as a sunday morning!

Billing should be a breeze, not a chore. Effortlessly integrate timesheets and contracts to streamline the auto calculation for an easy and precise billing experience.

Contract Management
Centralize your contract management

Never overlook a renewal or expiry again! Plan them in advance by maintaining a unified system of customer contracts integrated with billing for easy invoicing. Effortlessly map contracts to customers, making billing workflow seamless and automated.

Smart Onboarding
Seamless customer onboarding with SSO

Sync your customer users into DeskDay with Azure Entra SSO for a seamless login experience to IT-Connect applications and streamlined ticket and device mapping.


First ever built-in multichannel ticketing experience for MSP customers

No API Integration • ⚡Fully In-built

IT-Connect,our multi-channel ticketing experience for your customers within DeskDay, enables them to raise tickets and engage in instant conversations with techs, providing a seamless support experience across multiple platforms:
Microsoft Teams, Mobile, and Desktop.

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